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Portable workbench - 1
Build a portable workbench in a
couple hours, using hand tools,
screws, and whatever hardware you
have on hand ...
– by Kenneth Rickman
Photos by the author
Build a simple portable workbench
ike many modelers, I have a space set aside for model-
ing, where I keep my workbench and where I can leave
a project spread out while I’m working on it. Of course,
my workbench is not in front of the TV, near a recliner, on
the deck by the pool, or in my hotel room when I’m traveling,
which means that I have to chose between working on a model
and spending time in any of those other places. When my best
friend mentioned sitting on the couch working on his portable
workbench, I started thinking about what a handy thing that
would be, and decided to build one for myself. This is what I
came up with.
I designed and built my portable workbench in a couple hours,
using hand tools, screws, and whatever hardware I had on
hand salvaged from other projects. As it turns out, my friend’s
“portable workbench” was just a plastic lap board and a tackle
box loaded with a few tools. After seeing mine, he wanted one
like it, so I decided to build one for him as well, and to go all-
out and see how fancy I could make it. Aside from the pleasure
of making something nice for a friend, I used the opportunity
1. My portable workbench. The construction details
are fairly obvious, as there are no hidden glue joints,
etc. It’s simply a collection of flat, straight boards
screwed together. The hardware is screwed on the
surfaces, and I varnished the whole piece afterward,
hardware and all.
I chose to add a piece of sheet steel to the inside top
surface of my workbench. This will allow me to use
magnets to hold plans, photos, notes, or other bits of
paper in place where I can see them, and hold them
securely when the lid is closed.
MRH-Oct 2014
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