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MRH staff notes - 2
Up the Creek
We suspect that many of our
readers have been wonder-
ing where Charlie and his
the Creek
column have been
lately. Well, the 10th anni-
versary of the Bear Creek
and South Jackson is fast
approaching, so Charlie has
been focused on completing
the trackwork, making the
peninsula expansion opera-
tional, and having a golden
spike ceremony. So here are
a few words from Charlie.
“It seems like only yester-
day that construction began
on the third iteration of my
HO Bear Creek and South
Jackson. Time flies, and
January marks the 10th anni-
versary of the "Bare Crick,"
as it’s affectionately called
by some.
The layout still isn’t complete,
but progress has been steady
and it looks like there will be
a golden spike ceremony his
year, probably in June or July
when the full five miles of
mainline is completed.
When talking
to hobby
to mention
MRH-Jan 2014
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