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appy New Year! If you are like many of us on staff,
you are probably wondering, where did 2013 go? It
seems like it was only a few days ago that we made
our New Year's resolutions. You know, the promises we
make to ourselves to reach certain milestones on the layout.
We will venture a guess that 99% of us missed the goals, or
broke our resolutions, so don't feel too bad.
Of course there are some of us who have long ago given up
on making New Year's resolutions. We know we won't keep
them, so why bother? If you are in that category, why not
join the rest of us and let’s have some fun with resolutions
this year!
We will start a thread on the forum with the release of this
issue for our New Year's resolutions. This time next year we
can go back and review what we wrote. This will give each
of us the opportunity to see how close we came to achiev-
ing the goal or goals we set. This is not a club to beat our-
selves over the head, but to see how much life really gets in
the way. No doubt there will be some surprises.
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New Year’s resolutions, Bear Creek 10th
Anniversary, and more ...
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Installing sound decoder in an HO brass engine
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