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So the diesel covers do out-number the steam covers roughly
two-to-one. In defense of our coverage of steam, we did do a
four-part in-depth article on scratchbuilding a steam loco in
styrene. That’s something we’ve never done for diesels.
I do agree we need more steam articles to balance the scales
better, so we’ve put the call out for more articles on steam sub-
jects. We’re getting promises from authors that they’re work-
ing on it, so stay tuned.
What does the future hold for MRH?
Our goal remains to help you do the hobby well, and to that
end we will keep bringing you the best in intermediate and
advanced modeling articles as well as keep providing more
encylopedia-style articles like the pieces on freight car trucks
and brakewheels.
And of course, we’ll keep bringing you the best in model rail-
roading photography with things like Yes, it’s a model.
We have some great material lined up for 2014, which includes
not only articles and supplemental videos in MRH, but more in-
depth material coming in eBooks and DVDs this year.
For those who are TrainMasters TV subscribers, the DVDs will
also be coming to TMTV roughly 6 months after the DVD has
been released.
So how do you think we’ve done in our first five years? We’d
love to hear your comments, good, bad or otherwise.
While the attaboys are nice, it’s the helpful critical comments
that will allow us to make the next five years of MRH even bet-
ter than the last!
MRH-Jan 2014
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