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Front Cover:
We feature Mike
Confalone's Allagash Railway
this month as MRH celebrates its
fifth anniversary. Join us as we
railfan the Allagash, one visually
impressive model railroad!
ISSN 2152-7423
Editorial Staff
Joe D. Fugate, Publisher and editor
Don Hanley, Assistant editor
Patty Fugate, pasteup and layout
Joe Brugger, copy editing
Mike Dodd, copy editing
Technical assistants
Jeff Shultz
Jimmy Simmons
Les Halmos, Account manager
Daniel Nava, Advertising assistant
Jean-François Delisle, Marketing assistant
Richard Bale, News and events
Jeff Shultz, News and events
Les Halmos, Modular railroading
Ken Patterson, Reporter at large
Bruce Petrarca, DCC
Special Correspondents
Joe Brugger, Questions & answers
Charlie Comstock, Contributing editor
Published for the glory of God.
Cover and MRH masthead
Issue password: Jan2014
Issue 47
MRH-Jan 2014
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