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Apple and Adobe have had something of a falling out, so
that’s not likely to happen any time soon.
In the meantime, the most “portable” in a sense is to burn
the magazine to CD and read it on a laptop or some other
Imagine what would happen to the publishing business if
these things reached $300 - $600 in price. I think it’s only a
matter of time ...
Wow, I wrote that in 2008? Pretty good guess!
In 2010, Apple’s release of the iPad started the mobile device
craze which is showing every sign of relegating traditional
computers to secondary status the same way TV has relegated
radio to secondary status in broadcasting.
You can now get a full-sized iPad for as little as $399 and an
iPad mini (7”) for only $299. And if you prefer something
MRH-Jan 2014
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