45. MRH13-11-Nov2013-L - page 97

DT&I 50' Hydroframe - 6
STEP 3: Weathering
Continued ...
12: I have completely covered the entire roof with
the Burnt Umber paint.
13: Next, using a cotton swab, I apply turpentine
thinner. For this I use a product called Turpenoid.
The combination of the thinner and paint creates
a very believable prototypical effect.
STEP 3: Weathering
Continued ...
14: I observe the prototype photo and add small
rust patches. I use a small brush and dab small
dots of Burnt Umber oil paint onto the appropriate
15: I use a fan brush and light vertical strokes on
the patches. I also lightly apply a few horizontal
strokes. This simulates the effect of the door
scraping against the car sides.
MRH-Nov 2013
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