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Switch machines on foam - 4
throw the points and place enough tension on the throwbar to
keep it in position.
Moving to different materials requires adjusting building
practices. This approach to installing switch machines can be
applied to more than modules, and ease construction by being
able to build the mechanism on the bench. This reduces work-
ing on the layout upside down or other unnatural positions.
With a little extra planning and adjusting ahead of time, you
too can enjoy the benefits of extruded foamboard as a top sur-
face for your module or layout.
Chris Palomarez began his fascination with
trains at a young age on the Central Coast
of California, and became a junior member
of a modular club in San Luis Obispo in the
1990s. His interest expanded, becoming
more directed to prototype modeling. Chris'
current interests revolve around prototype
modeling, modular layouts using the
Free-mo modular system, and replicating
the Southern Pacific Railroad circa 1985.
Chris is a visual communications professional. He has actively
developed many decal sets for
Microscale and for several other
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