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Looking toward Portland 2015
he NMRA National Convention is right next door to
MRH in 2015, which is Portland, Oregon. The MRH
headquarters is in Woodburn, Oregon, about 30 miles
south of downtown Portland. The official convention dates,
including the National Train Show, are August 23-30, 2015 (that’s
from Sunday to Sunday). For more, see the convention website
Some MRH staffers’ layouts that will be on tour during this con-
vention. Charlie Comstock’s Bear Creek & South Jackson will be
open, as well as Joe Fugate’s Siskiyou Line. Charlie and Joe are not
only expecting to be open for layout tours, but they’re also plan-
ning to host some operating sessions as well, for those who want
to try their hand at a realistic op session or two.
Joe Fugate will be doing a blog on the MRH website about his
layout preparations for the NMRA National. Not only will you
get a preview of the layout, but you’ll see what it takes to get a
layout ready to show. Joe’s layout has been dormant for the last
couple years as he dedicated most of his free hours to growing
MRH’s eBook capability and launching TrainMasters TV.
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Notes from the
MRH Staff
Looking toward Portland 2015, preparing an
article for publication
and more ...
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