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Joe is eager to get back to working regularly on his Siskiyou
Line, and to getting regular operating sessions going again.
Follow along as Joe gives you regular blog journal entries about
the process of moving the Siskiyou Line out of dormancy back
to full operation again.
Even though the Siskiyou Line was dormant, we still used it to
do product tests and Joe did some small projects for the layout
that became articles in MRH. But other than using the layout
for an occassional MRH “work” project, the Siskiyou Line pretty
much just sat.
That’s all changing. Joe’s rearranged his schedule to give him
more evening and weekend time to work on the layout and as
he says, “to just be a model railroader again.” Joe’s looking for-
ward to dealing with some deferred maintenance on the layout
and starting to work on his wish list of projects for the layout.
When talking
to hobby
to mention
The five top-rated articles in the
of MRH are:
Modeling an Agway mill
DCC Impulses: SoundTraxx SoundCar decoder
Up the Creek: Benchwork, roadbed, and track
Getting Real: Layout building productivity, part 2
Southern Pacific GP9 commuter loco
Issue overall:
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