56.MRH14-10-Oct2014-L - page 11

If you’re thinking of coming to
Portland in 2015, you won’t
be disappointed. Charlie’s
making great progress on the
peninsula on the Bear Creek,
and Joe getting back to work-
ing on the Siskiyou Line means
the layout should look and
operate better than ever!
Preparing an article
for publication
For any of you preparing or
thinking of preparing an arti-
cle for MRH, we’ve got some
suggestions on how to best
format it for easiest use here
on our end.
Use Microsoft Word or the
free Open Office application
to build your document. As
for images, we prefer at least
2400 x 1800 pixels. Go ahead
and paste them right into
your document just above
the captions.
insert from file
than dragging and drop-
ping or doing a cut/paste.
Dragging and dropping will
downsize the images, while
MRH staff notes - 3
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