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Yes, it’s a model - 2
3. Washington Northern GP60 700, in Operation Lifesaver paint, runs
light back to Port Andrews
after dropping a string of center-beam flats
for loading at the Sappho Lumber Mill.
The locomotive is a Life-Like Proto 2000 model with custom paint
and decals. Weathering is a combination of oil paints and weathering
powders. Kevin Klettke took the photo outdoors on a 2'x2' diorama. To
learn more about Kevin and his Washington Northern, visit
or check out his work on the MRH forum. He goes under
the name caboose14.
4. N&W GP38 4129, along with a sister GP38, are painted in the
short-lived experimental "F8" or "Skunk" paint scheme.
The loco-
motives are at the N&W engine terminal in central North Carolina in
the early 1980s.
Tim Kristophel built the loco shop and support structures from kits
which he painted and detailed. The code 83 track and the locomo-
tives are by Atlas. The apartments in the background are kitbashed,
with details added. The scene is not altogether prototypical, but some
of the individual pieces are really close. Tim put the individual pieces
together in such a way to create a very typical railroad scene.
MRH-Nov 2013
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