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Storage & Transport:
When the Shoofly was my only module I built a plywood storage
/ transport box with a shelf for each section. (29) The box just fit
in the back of my car and I could place the legs on the side.
However, as I built more and more modules over the year, I
needed the space in the car that the box took up, as well as a
better way to protect the Shoofly’s delicate scenery. I seemed
to always whack an oak tree top when pulling a section out.
Steve Williams showed me, with his own Lockhart, TX mod-
ule, the secret to successful section transport and protection:
by building the modules in two congruent sections, you can
Shoofly free-moN module - 21
29: This storage box fit in the back of my car and
protected the module sections during transport. By
adding a cover I could stack more modules on top, but
the box still took up a lot of room.
flip one section over the other and secure them with plywood
end plates.
The end plates create a box out of the two sections: the scen-
ery on each section faces each the other and is protected,
while the entire box can join a stack of similarly-packed mod-
ules (30). By removing all the seats of my car (save the drivers’
seat!), I can pack in three major modules, 4-6 smaller ones, a
folding storage yard, and all of their accompanying legs and
clamps without damaging any of the scenery (31).
The inverted-sections-and-endplates arrangement also allows
for easy storage at home under (and on) workbenches.
Remember: it’s very, very easy to build many, many modules
30: By flipping one section over the other and bolting
on end plates, not only is the scenery protected but
the module takes up much less room in the car: very
important when building more and more modules!
MRH-Nov 2013
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