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Shoofly free-moN module - 20
The Magic Water does creep up the sides a fair bit, especially
when using real dirt for the ground cover. But as the stream
is supposed to be low anyway, the higher waterline works out
well. You can always place some tufts, bushes, or more “dry”
dirt later along the creep area to cover it. Given how slow-mov-
ing the water is at the end of winter (it doesn’t really start rain-
ing until mid-spring), only a few Gloss Mod Podge ripples are
necessary around the piers and the temporary culverts I made
from cheap plastic wire-bundle tubing.
It’s All in the Details
Urban modeling requires hundreds of small details to be
believable, but a small countryside allows you to spend the
time on the few little things to sell the scene: dead trees fallen
over, animal paths through the grass, removed rails and ties
from the mainline, cows lounging in the shade and among
the exposed roots of a massive oak tree. And while I try to
scratchbuild as much as I can, a single module also gives me
the chance to try out a few new products with details diffi-
cult to craft. For this module I assembled and installed a “back
saver” turnout throw and a D-2 Caterpillar, both offered by
NZT Products. The back saver — a non-operational machine
— helps establish the temporary nature of the construction
siding, and the D-2 Cat — smaller than a dime — makes Lush
Vineyards 160 times more productive as well as gives the work-
ers a ride back to the barn after sweating in the hot California
springtime sun. (28a-28b)
Both add a simple splash of yellow amid the great swath
of green, and both contribute a significant segment to the
Shoofly’s story.
28a & 28b: A
module is a
great opportunity
to try out a few
fine details
without breaking
the bank. The
“back saver”
dummy ground
throw and the
D-2 Caterpillar
(both offered by
NZT Products)
add a lot of life to the layout, yet have enough detail to
be a story all by themselves.
MRH-Nov 2013
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