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Getting Real: Pacific Fruit Express, part 2
DCC Impulses: Getting the sound in
Jim Ferguson’s Great Northern Railroad
Water lilies and cattails
Yes, it’s a model
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October 2013 MRH
MRH New Lite and Narrow columnist,
TrainMasters TV coming Nov 11, and more ...
Notes from the
MRH Staff
MRH's new Lite and Narrow columnist:
Larry Smith, MMR
hen we lost our Lite and Narrow
columnist Lew Matt back in
2012, we started looking for a
new narrow gauge columnist, but we never
could quite find the exact fit we were look-
ing for. We love narrow gauge and wanted it
to get some fair representation in our pages.
We knewwe wanted a columnist who had experience in more
than just Colorado narrow gauge. We feel it’s important to also give
the eastern narrow gauge lines some coverage: the East Broad Top,
the Tweetsie (East Tennessee &Western North Carolina RR), and of
course, the Maine two-footers.
Along comes Larry Smith in Atlanta, and he mentions he misses our
Lite and Narrow column. I told Larry that we’ve been looking for a
new Lite and Narrow columnist. Larry came back to me later in the
MRH staff notes - 1
When talking
to hobby
remember to
mention MRH.
MRH-Nov 2013
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