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MRH staff notes - 2
show and tells me he’d given it some thought and he’d like us to
consider him for the position.
I outlined for Larry that we wanted a balanced representation over
the full breadth of narrow gauge prototypes, and we wanted not
only the popular scales like HOn3 and On30, but also some cover-
age of Sn3 and On3, and even some HOn30. (Anyone remember
the Carrabasset & Dead River?)
I also reminded Larry the column is called the
and Narrow,
meaning standard gauge shortlines and lighter equipment also
needed some coverage.
Larry said this was all good with him and he outlined his back-
ground and hobby interests – they aligned well with what
we were looking for in a new Lite and Narrow columnist.
And it certainly didn’t hurt that Larry’s also a Master Model
Railroader (MMR).
Larry’s first column debuts in this issue, and we’re delighted that
Lite and Narrow is back!
TrainMasters TV grand opening November 11th
If you’ve been hanging around the MRH website, then you may
know that some of our readers have been test driving the new
TrainMasters TV website.
TrainMasters TV (TMTV) is MRH’s new streaming vidcast website
for model railroaders. Each week we deliver new programming,
including layout tours, how-to videos, product reviews, event
reports, and feature stories about people in our hobby.
We have oriented TMTV mostly to more seasoned model railroad-
ers. The majority of MRH readers have more than basic experience
in the hobby and want ways to improve their modelling skills.
The content of TMTV’s videos both mirror and expand the con-
tent found in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine. TrainMasters TV
uses a fast-paced, highly focused network TV production style with
a friendly, engaging approach – while maintaining a fun, casual
TMTV is a premium streaming video service you access by paying a
small subscription fee. TMTV is now available for signups – just go
and look around. Until our grand opening on
the 11th, we won’t have available all of the video content posted,
but there’s still be plenty to see!
Visitors can do a trial monthly subscription of $5.99, watch our
content, and decide if TrainMasters might be right for them. If you
want to subscribe for a longer period, discounted subscription rates
are available, down to as little as $3.33 a month. Additionally, some
previews are available without subscribing.
If you’re still wondering what TrainMasters TV is all about,
check out the video below.
MRH-Nov 2013
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