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MRH staff notes - 4
have changed and he regrets throwing out those other arti-
cles in his old NMRA Bulletins.
These days, space is cheap, especially for things like thumb
. We’re talking $10 to save every issue of MRH until
2018? Are we being penny-wise and pound foolish, maybe?
will help you find whatever article you want to
find fast, that’s really all you need!
Please repost our stuff!
MRH magazine has a
, which
means we want you to take some of your favorite magazine
articles and repost them on the web for others to enjoy.
That’s right, you can freely copy an article and repost it.
You can read our copyright statement on our website here
To not violate our Creative Commons Copyright, you must
follow these guidelines:
1. You must always include a link back to the MRH website at
2. You cannot charge money for the reposted content of our
magazine. It must remain free.
So go ahead and repost articles on other websites. As long
as it’s still free and you include a link back to mrhmag.com,
you’re golden.
1 One important point about thumb drives: they’re intended to be a transport device rather than an
archive device, so they will fail after something like 100,000 read/writes. For files you care about, al-
ways have backup copies elsewhere, either on another drive, or ‘in the cloud” such as on Google Drive
or Dropbox.
MRH Fifth Anniversary
January 2014 marks our 5th
anniversary of publication.
Can you believe it’s been
that long?
We started publishing in
January of 2009. We have
some very special things
planned for the January
2014 issue, so you don’t
want to miss it!
This month ...
M.C. Fujiwara tells us
how he went from a John
Armstrong sketch to build-
ing a signature scene. M.C.
shares details of the con-
struction and building the
scenery. Some segments of
this project has been fea-
tured in the MRH forum,
but this month the project
is presented in its entirety.
Using DCC? Having intermit-
tent electrical problems?
Dick Bronson shows tricks
to find those pesky shorts.
Chris Palomarez describes
a neat technique for
mounting powered switch
MRH-Nov 2013
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