45. MRH13-11-Nov2013-L - page 7

Usually it's more than just a
locomotive or structure, but
rather the entire scene.
A key to the art of modeling is
to trust your eyes. Most of us
are blessed with the ability to
see and observe our surround-
ings. In fact, we have been at
it for so long, we instinctively
know when something doesn't
look right. Let's take that skill
and apply it to the layout. Take
time to assess your layout.
Be honest with yourself. Take
notes on what you are satisfied
with and what you are not.
Look for the areas that just
don't seem right. Pick one. This
is where you want begin mak-
ing your improvements.
Don't expect to become a mas-
ter overnight. If you compare
early works of the great mas-
ters to their work later in life,
you will see a difference in the
quality and skill of the work. In
the same manner, just because
we can see that a scene we
have modeled doesn't look
right, that doesn't mean that
we can immediately fix it.
MRH-Nov 2013
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