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for gas, food, and hotel, we could devote only two days track-
side, plus a day for travel. It was going to be tight so we had to
take advantage of what limited time we had. We were headed
into uncharted territory in the wilds of Maine. We were headed
for Allagash country!
Two teenage railfans head north! ...
1: Allagash Bicentennial
M420 200 leads train
CPIP at Sandy River Jct.
Journey to Allagash
Country, Part 1
– Mike Confalone
 Model Photos by the author
n April 18, 1980, my
riend Joe Posik and I packed his
1977 Pontiac Grand Prix and left our college dorms at
the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania in the dead
of night. Due to college class schedules, and very little money
Journey to Allagash Part 1 - 1
MRH-Jan 2014
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