40. MRH13-06-Jun2013 - page 49

Fine sanding
Leslie Eaton, MMR, gives lots of clinics at the NMRA national
conventions. At one of the first of hers I attended, she sug-
gested that modelers should have a Sally Beauty Supply dis-
count card, as they have lots of tools and supplies to make
modeling easier.
One of the best tools from there are emery boards. I get them
in a range of grits. The photo shows a black 100 / 180, a blue
220 / 320, and a pink 400 / 600. Used by themselves, they
will round the surface they are sanding. If you put them on a
rigid surface, like your workbench, and move the object being
sanded across them, they will sand straighter. The harder you
push into them, the more rounded the corners get.
5: Emery boards are a great sanding tool and come in
different grits.
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