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Model Railroad Hobbyist | Jan 2016 | #83 IMAGINEERING column Rob Clark and Dave Meek Two views... Scenic Depth is an age-old issue for railroad modelers. How do we achieve the feeling of outdoor openness in our train room? Back in early 2015 Joe Fugate introduced the idea of an Imagineering column and defined the different kinds of proto- type and freelance modeling we see in the hobby. These are just points on a line between strict prototypical accu- racy and total fantasy. Just to remind you: Strict prototype - total accuracy Loose prototype - small variances to increase fun Strict proto-freelance - actual prototype practices with free- lance elements ƒƒ Loose proto-freelance - no such prototype, but keep it plausible ƒƒ Strict freelance – somewhat fanciful, but still feels like “real” trains ƒƒ Loose freelance – anything goes as long as it’s trains and it’s fun XX EXPLORING THE CREATIVE SIDES OF THE HOBBY • INDEX SUBSCRIBE (free) • TABLE OF CONTENTS