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Model Railroad Hobbyist | September 2016 | #79 IMAGINEERING column Rob clark Hiding a helix | Trestle work at Widows Veil distracts the eye from a space-eating structure THE CORNHILL & ATHERTON RAILROAD never existed, but in its model form it is slowly evolving from a hazy idea into a tangible reality. This article is about the creation of Widows Veil trestle, which is a totally imagineered structure forming part of a helix hid- ing exercise. Joe Fugate has said in the past “a helix is an evil thing” and so it is. However, there are limited ways to squeeze two decks into an 11’ by 9’ room, so for me, a helix was the way to go. Hiding a helix involves a bit of shape shifting – fooling the eye by breaking up vertical and horizontal lines with different scen- ery textures and vignettes (sub-scenes). Basically, try to get the viewer to forget that the helix exists. XX EXPLORING THE CREATIVE SIDES OF THE HOBBY • INDEX • TABLE OF CONTENTS