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Model Railroad Hobbyist | November 2015 | #69 IMAGINEERING column Rob Clark Imagining how to “think real” ... Hi everybody, rob clark here; number six of the six Imagineering columnists. This is my first contribu- tion and since the other guys have already set the bar high, I have my work cut out. Before we go any further I have to deliver a disclaimer; which is, “I’m not much of an expert in anything.” But this is my strength, because having no relevant background (UK based) and being relatively new to the hobby I have to “think” my way into achieving some kind of railroad reality. I am going to focus on the techniques that have been used to create the Cornhill & Atherton RR, rather than the railroad itself, so this is an approach that can apply to any era, prototype, or imagined subject. So if you like what you see on the C&A, then don’t copy “the look” – copy the methods and create your own look. XX EXPLORING THE CREATIVE SIDES OF THE HOBBY MRHMAG.COM • TABLE OF CONTENTS • INDEX